Go to the Ant, O Sluggard

gttaos-coverThis short collection of poems is about work in the age of anxiety. It is a collection of “fibs,” a contemporary poetic form, that explores gender, labor, self, and capital in the office environment. Moll explores how workers must flatten the things that matter to them, the things that make us human, as they navigate the modern workplace.

Find the collection here.

Additionally, my poems have been featured in a number of literary journals and websites, including: jubilat, Little Patuxent Review, Assaracus, Gertrude Journal, O-Dark-Thirty, The Light Ekphrastic, The Avenue and Minetta Review.

Poems I’ve Published Recently

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Links to Other Samples

  • “After Viewing “TIME, A Decade of War in Iraq: The Images That Moved Them Most” at O-Dark Thirty
  • “His Grace” and “Orpheus with the Awkward Foot” at The Light Ekphrastic