So… Poetry?

sopoetrySo… Poetry?

Did you catch me on episode 2 of Mychael Zulauf’s poetry podcast, So… Poetry?

Listen to me and Mychael talk about poetry and poems for an hour or so, then check out the rest of his episodes and hear all about what Baltimore poets think.


Debut Chapbook

gttaosThis May, Akinoga Press released my debut Chapbook, Go To the Ant, O Sluggard. The book contains a lot of complicated themes, ideas and characters, but my ‘elevator pitch’ has been that it is a book of poems about how much work sucks.

It’s 21 poems written in the ‘fib,’ form, a poetic form connected to the Fibonacci sequence. It’s a little bit weird, a little bit irreverent, and was a lot of fun to write. The first run had a lot of success, so they’re doing another small run in the next few months! I hope that you’ll check it out. (You can buy it now at the Akinoga Press online shop.)