Out of Step: A Memoir is here!

Front CoverIt’s here, everyone!

My first full-length book, Out of Step: A Memoir, is available today! It’s a literary (I hope) memoir about a bisexual, working-class kid joining the army during “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” It’s a queer, anti-war coming-of-age story, and I think both straight and LGBTQI+ readers will find something worthwhile in it.

The book was selected last year by Michael Kardos as the winner of the Non/Fiction Prize series from The Journal & The Ohio State University Press. The prize included publication with OSU Press’ literary imprint, Mad Creek Books.

Infinite thanks are due to everyone who helped to make this book possible. Writing is often considered a solitary endeavor, but the truth is that so many people make books possible. Michael had a team of faculty and graduate students supporting him as early readers and editors, and once he selected the work, a whole team of people at The Ohio State University Press put in over a year of work preparing, setting and promoting the book.

Before any of that happened, a core group of people supported both the work and my life as a writer, including my first reader, Ann Marie Brokmeier; my beta readers, Tyler Mendhelson and Michael B. Tager; my writing group (Tyler, Mandy, Tricia, Mary, Mychael and Andrew); and a number of retreats and residencies that allowed me to draft, expand and polish the work.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who made Out of Step: A Memoir possible. It’s now in the hands of booksellers and readers, and what happens to it next is up to you!

Ask your bookstore to order you a copy today, or
Order the book directly from OSU Press HERE, or
Check the events page and come pick up a copy in person.


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