Creative Writing Studies Conference

CRSOI just got word that I’ll be presenting at the 2017 Creative Writing Studies Conference in Black Mountain, North Carolina. The conference is hosted by the Creative Writing Studies Organization, which aims to elevate discourse and pedagogy on creative writing that is well-researched and theoretically grounded.

The theme this year is “Creative Writing Studies in Trump’s USA,” and I’ll be presenting on how womanist and feminist epistemologies can and should transform the way we think about and teach creative nonfiction. Really, I want writers and scholars to think about the way we define ‘nonfiction,’ and how an idea like ‘alternative facts’ is one that the can be deployed for transformative and social-justice-minded aims.

I look forward to hearing what other scholars are saying on this theme, and I hope that you are too. If you’re free November 10-13th, come catch the conference.


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