2016 in Review

Even as it proved to be an ugly year for politics, LGBTQ+ people and celebrities we will miss, 2016 didn’t destroy us. For my work, it was actually a pretty decent year.

Reading and writing made a lot happen for me, from publishing my first chapbook of poems to expanding my MFA thesis to a book-length manuscript that I will be trying to get in front of agents and small publishers early this year. I continued to write, revise and submit poems for publication, and I also turned an occasional writing gig with Baltimore City Paper into a semi-regular column on LGBTQ+ life.

Here’s a full roundup of 2016:

  • In 2015 I began writing an occasional column for Baltimore City Paper, and I continued to expand Wide Stance – my column on LGBTQ+ life, politics and culture in Baltimore – in 2016. As I did so, I found also found myself in the alt-weekly newspaper’s pool on regularly contributing writers.
  • For some reason, late 2015 also saw me returning to graduate school. Though I have an MFA in creative writing & publishing arts (ostensibly a terminal degree), I decided to pursue a PhD in English at Morgan State University too. There, I am focusing on poetry, Queer studies and popular culture.
  • I published my first chapbook of poems, Go to the Ant, O Sluggard. It’s a “concept album” of fib poems about the modern workplace, and it’s available now from Akinoga Press.
  • I was featured in Incoming: Veterans Writing on Coming Home, an anthology of veterans’ work.
  • As part of the promotional push for Incoming, I read one of my stories on KPBS San Diego.
  • I was accepted to present at my first academic conference, the NeMLA conference. I will present briefly on a paper I wrote about Queering the academy.
  • I taught a course on ekphrastic poetry at the National Portrait Gallery for Knowledge Commons DC.
  • I appeared on the poetry podcast “So… Poetry?” with Mychael Zulauf.
  • I published some poems in the Avenue and the Minetta Review. (In print, which makes it impossible to share them here.)
  • Hosted the second installment of Literary Roulette, and judged two Slam Competitions.
  • I continued to teach at the university of Baltimore, meeting and working with amazing students of all ages and backgrounds.

I’m sure that I missed some stuff, but that seems like a strong roundup for what turned out to be an incredible year. Here’s to hoping that 2017 proves even bigger, and somewhat less ugly.

To anyone who has read or listened to my work in the last year, and to all of my current and former students, thanks for all your support!

Debut Chapbook

This should have been posted here months ago, but this May, Akinoga Press released my debut Chapbook, Go To the Ant, O Sluggard. The book contains a lot of complicated themes, ideas and characters, but my ‘elevator pitch’ has been that it is a book of poems about how much work sucks.

It’s 21 poems written in the ‘fib,’ form, a poetic form connected to the Fibonacci sequence. It’s a little bit weird, a little bit irreverent, and was a lot of fun to write. The first run had a lot of success, so they’re doing another small run in the next few months! I hope that you’ll check it out. (You can buy it now at the Akinoga Press online shop.)

I still do stuff.

Goodness. It has been over a year since I updated this front page/ blog section of my website. It was a wild year too. I wrapped up my MFA program, started a PhD program, left a PhD program, taught at two universities on opposite coasts, and rumbled across the U.S. and back in a Ford Focus to do so.

I just wanted to remind everyone that I do still do stuff. I work: good work at that.

I write all sorts of stuff, I take respectable street and event photography, I know my way around a communications/marketing/pr shop and I clean up nicely, should you be interested in putting me in a suit and having me tell stories for your organization. (Looking at you, employers who might stumble across this page.)

Anyway, my main intention with this landing page has always been that I would update it with my new work as I published it. I guess that means that I should share that I have been writing as the books columnist for Baltimore Gay Life for a few months now. I do review and roundups mostly, but I’m open to interviews with LGBTQ authors too, and have a couple planned on the near horizon. If you’re interested in checking that stuff out, some of it can be found here at my author page on the site (not all of it though, for wonky reasons that I’m not entirely sure of). I’ll be better at posting my new stories and article regularly here too. Promise.


A quick update:

  • My resume is now up-to-date as of January 2012.
  • Visitors can now check out some of my published creative writing.
  • I’ve added a new story to my list of journalism clips (Phillip & Fred)

I hope that you will check it all out. More frequent updates are coming soon.