Out of Step: A Memoir is Available for Preorder

Front CoverI am excited to announce that my first full-length book, Out of Step: A Memoir, is now available for preorder!

The official release date is 18 July, and readers can order now to have it shipped directly to them the moment it is available.

Here’s what writer and educator Michael Kardos, who selected the book as the winner of the 2017 Non/Fiction Collection Prize said about the book:

“Moll’s searing clarity, ear for language, and extraordinary range of storytelling methods imbue this essay collection with the musicality of a symphony and the intimacy of a treasured mix-tape. This is a stunning and important book.”

Preorder Out of Step: A Memoir here.


2017 Roundup

2017 Roundup

Last year was a banner year for me (and 2018 isn’t looking so bad either)! A lot of chances came my way, and a lot of people made it possible. Thank you to everyone who either offered me some sort of opportunity in 2017, or accepted and shared my work in some way, or came out to hear me read or lecture. Success is only possible through community, and I’m grateful for the opportunities my communities put together last year.

  • Published a brief work of CNF for the “First Times” column of Baltimore Style
  • Published a widely-shared review of George Bush’s new art book in Baltimore City Paper
  • Presented “Queer Across the Curriculum” at the 2017 NeMLA conference
  • Published a short work of CNF for the “Retrogamer” column of Cartridge Lit
  • Out of Step: a Memoir won the 2017 Non/Fiction Award from The Journal + The Ohio State University Press. It will be published by the press in summer of 2018
  • Finished my PhD coursework (Hire me!)
  • Presented “Queer, Trans and SGL Writers in Front of the Classroom” and hosted “Poetry of Anger and Resistance” at the annual OutWrite DC festival
  • An excerpt from my forthcoming book was published by The Journal
  • Presented “Womanist and Feminist Epistemologies in the Creative Writing Classroom” at the annual Creative Writing Studies Organization conference
  • Began teaching at Stevenson University
  • Attended Writers & Woods writing retreat (twice!)
  • Started a new books and pop culture podcast with friend and fellow poet Celeste Doaks

It was a good one! Again, thanks to everyone who helped make it happen. With a book release and plenty of events lined up, 2018 plans to be an even bigger year, so stay tuned for updates.

Big News!

Big news!

For the last several years I’ve been working on a manuscript that tells the story of my time in the U.S. military through a collection of essays, some straightforward, others more experimental.

I am excited to announce that that manuscript, Out of Step, has won the Non/Fiction Prize from The Journal/The Ohio State University Press. In addition to a small cash prize, I’ve been offered a contract with Mad Creek Books, the literary imprint of OSU Press.

Prize Winner

Out of Step is a memoir about a working-class bisexual boy running off to join the army during two wars and the era of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” It’s a queer coming-of-age story set against the backdrop of masculinity and secrecy.  I was a lot of things when I joined: punk, nerdy, left-leaning, poor, but never patriotic. So what makes a pink-haired queer raise his right hand to enlist just as the nation is charging into war? This isn’t a flag-waving memoir, or a classic war novel — it’s the stories of me figuring out who I am as I figure out where I fit.

I am absolutely honored to be selected, especially with how talented and brilliant the other finalists are. I just want to say thank you to the contest’s judge, Michael Kardos, for selecting the work and for seeing its value. I also want to thank everyone at The Journal and OSU Press, as well as any early readers who found and reviewed the work.

The book is expected to be released to the Fall 2018 catalog, so stay tuned for updates about the process and release dates.

Creative Writing Studies Conference

CRSOI just got word that I’ll be presenting at the 2017 Creative Writing Studies Conference in Black Mountain, North Carolina. The conference is hosted by the Creative Writing Studies Organization, which aims to elevate discourse and pedagogy on creative writing that is well-researched and theoretically grounded.

The theme this year is “Creative Writing Studies in Trump’s USA,” and I’ll be presenting on how womanist and feminist epistemologies can and should transform the way we think about and teach creative nonfiction. Really, I want writers and scholars to think about the way we define ‘nonfiction,’ and how an idea like ‘alternative facts’ is one that the can be deployed for transformative and social-justice-minded aims.

I look forward to hearing what other scholars are saying on this theme, and I hope that you are too. If you’re free November 10-13th, come catch the conference.

Review: George W. Bush’s Paintings



In case you missed it, I recently shared some of my thoughts on George W. Bush’s new book, Portraits of Courage: A Commander in Chief’s Tribute to America’s Warriors. The work shares a collection of oil paintings Bush has created of injured military veterans of the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. As a military veteran myself, I feel pretty strongly about the 43rd president and his role in the war, so as a book reviewer, I found myself feeling almost obligated to check this one out.

Here’s what I wrote for Baltimore City Paper:



image1I recently presented at the Northeast Modern Language Association annual conference here in Baltimore.  The conference is an annual event from NeMLA, a professional organization for a variety of scholars of language. I presented as part of a panel on Social Identity, Affect and the First-Year Classroom. My presentation was on Queer Across the Curriculum, a model for how Queer Studies might repurpose the model used by Writing Across the Curriculum to spread composition writing across the university over the last 40 years.

The conference was a great opportunity to meet scholars across a variety of fields and to hear the research they are working on. One highlight from another speaker on my panel was the way in which educators can use StoryCorps in writing classrooms.

Another panel that caught my attention was Transgender Theories of Voice, which presented a variety of papers that blended gender studies, transgender theory, musicology and media technology.

NeMLA was also an opportunity to engage on social media. I tweeted highlights of many of the panels I attended and was able to continue my conversation about the conference and the ideas being shared there to other attendees on Twitter as well as my followers who weren’t there.

I’m putting together my proposal now for the 2018 conference in Buffalo. If you want to connect with me there (or on Twitter), or if you’d like to work with me to create a panel or paper, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Upcoming Events

OutWriteGreat news:

So far I have two upcoming conferences in 2017 at which I’ll be presenting. Feel free to drop in and say hi if you can.

Find me at the Northeast Modern Language Association Conference (here in Baltimore) on Saturday, 25 March at 11:45, where I will be presenting “Queer Across the Curriculum” for a panel on “Social Identity, Affect and the First-Year Writing Classroom.”

I also just got word that I’ll be presenting and moderating two panels at this year’s OutWriteDC conference. During the first weekend in August, I’ll be talking “Bent Lecterns:  Queer, Trans and Same-Gender-Loving Writers in Front of the Classroom” and reading poetry for “Queer as in F*ck You: Poems of Anger and Resistance” along with other great writers and educators from around the region.

Hopefully, this is just the start of another great year of writing and teaching. If you have a reading or panel discussion at which you’d like for me to join you, feel free to reach out to discuss it. I’m always up for talking about writing, queerness or teaching.